Bob Scott has been in the electrical business for over 32 years. His passion for lighting has kept him one step ahead of the competition. Bob will do photometric and engineer your facility. When the other guys are ordering lights from big companies, he is finding the most durable fixtures and cost effective way to illuminate your property. We not only do the job but we also check your electric and find ways to save you money. While everyone is going green we already have been doing that. From one small light to a whole complex we can Do It All.

Bob Scott is the leader for over thirty two years in Commercial and Industrial Electrical work. From Dade County to West Palm Beach County we have been there: Parking lot lighting, security lights, tennis courts, roadway lighting and all kinds of custom neon signs. Let us not forget Solar Lighting, the price you pay today is what you will save tomorrow.

The sign department at Bob Scott Light, Power, and Sign will handle all your Sign needs; neon repairs to installation of wall, window and channel signs, to stand alone signs. Bob Scott experts will design and provide you with a computer generated picture of your sign and how it will look. From geological surveys, locate underground wiring problems to photometric data setting poles to 110: I will personally make it work.