LED Lighting


Let us bring your lighting into the 22nd century! We offer a full range of LED products to meet your needs. Whether you want to retrofit an existing system to LED or if you are building a new system, we are here to help. 

  • We offer consulting services to help you design a system as well as photometrics.


  • We are a full service lighting and electrical company so we can see your project through from concept to completion.


  • We have the best prices on lighting products, we represent the top LED manufacturers such as:

           G.E., Sylvania, CREE, and many more!


  • We offer screw in replacements/retrofit kits to replace outdated H.I.D. lighting, which is not energy efficient, generates tremendous heat, and very costly to maintain and repair. These kits screw in to the fixtures socket and have integral drivers so retrofitting is easy. It is a great alternative to complete fixture replacement and still offers the savings of an LED product.

So give us a call now @ 954-981-6770 to discuss your lighting needs!